Why Choose Clearview Stoves ?

 Clearview Heading

Clearview Stoves care passionately about the environment and believe trees are the perfect energy source.

For thousands of years the soft glow of a wood fire has been the place where family and friends gather to talk, laugh and philosophise. A real fire radiates a feeling of well-being, sparking our imagination through the flicker of flames, making a magical place to read our children stories.

Clearview also believe that wood enables you to take control of your heating and never again worry about power failures or the rising cost of oil. These beliefs started Clearview on a quest to design and build a stove that would set new standards and quite simply be the very best. A stove with traditional styling, that was simple to use and highly efficient with a wonderful view of the flames behind crystal clear glass. A stove that was easy to light, could burn for long periods unattended, and be incredibly well constructed using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

After much research and development Clearview achieved all of these objectives from their factory in the beautiful Shropshire hills, a team of skilled workers produce a range of stoves that are now considered by many to be the best in the world. Customers tell us how much they love their Clearview stove and what pleasure it brings to their lives. It’s not unusual to be told that it’s the best purchase they have ever made for their home.

Our aim is to share with you our passion for wood burning. We are confident that you can make no better choice than a Clearview stove. It will provide many years of reliability and pleasure and bring warmth and wellbeing into your home.

Make the best choice – choose Clearview